5 Pointers on How to Ask for Comprehensive Insurance Quotes for Your New Jeep

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When buying a new Jeep, it is always deemed a good idea to look at buying a Jeep extended warranty from Warranty and Insurance , as you will stand to lose a lot financially, should an unexpected event occur3

Here are 5 pointers that will assist you in asking the right questions, before committing your signature to paper.

  1. What kind of policy should I get?

Not all comprehensive insurance policies are the same.Some policies are very comprehensive whilst others seem to offer far less.  It is therefore up to you to obtain quality comprehensive car insurance quotes from Warranty and Insurance  to determine what cover will be adequate for your needs and what is affordable to you.  It is just as easy to have too much cover as it istohave too little cover.

  1. Is my vehicle insured for Market Value or Agreed value?

This is an important factor to ascertain from the beginning, as it could make a very large difference to what you actually can claim for.

The market value is basically what a dealer, for instance, is willing to pay you for your car.  It does not take into account what you paid for the car originally, or how much you still owe on the car.  Another aspect to consider is if a new model of your car arrives on the market, or even just a facelift of the existing model, the chances are good that your car’s market value will drop.

The agreed value is the value agreed to between you and the insurer and can be negotiated to take into account model changes and facelifts.

  1. When my vehicle is being repaired, will the repairer use new or used replacement parts?

This is a contentious issue with most car owners, as it involves the insurer using used parts to repair your car, instead of new parts, just so they can save a bit of money on their side.  This is obviously not in your best interest, so find out if this is the case and take your business elsewhere.

  1. Can I hire a vehicle while mine is being repaired?

Vehicle hire is something that is often regarded as unnecessary and perhaps it is if you own more than one car.  However, if you are a one-car family, it is a different story altogether.You will then have the inconvenience of using public transport, or hiring a rental car yourself, which will quickly become expensive especially if the repair of your car takes longer than expected.

  1. Would I get reimbursed for my vehicle?

In the likelihood of your car being so badly damaged that it makes the vehicle uneconomical to repair, you would ideally like your car replaced with a new one altogether.  Not all insurance companiesoffer this option, and you will be stuck with the market or agreed value only.  Some companies will replace your car new for old from anything up to 4 years old.

Final Words

The 5 pointers above will help you make the right choices when it comes to choosing the right comprehensive insurance policy for your car, with the right benefits, and at the right price.

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