5 RV Cleaning Tips: Cleaning the RV Inside-Out

5 RV Cleaning Tips: Cleaning the RV Inside-Out
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The RV is one of the most efficient ways to go on a vacation. It’s cheaper because you have control over everything that you do with it. At the end of every vacation, you need to turn over the RV you’ve rented (if it’s the case) or store your RV in the garage, waiting for the next vacation. Every now and then, you’ll need to clean your RV inside-out.

Cleaning the RV inside-out can be a daunting task. The RV is thrice the size of a normal car so cleaning the ENTIRE vehicle may prove to be hard. Whether you used it for vacation or lived for an entire year in your RV, it’s best to clean the RV inside-out in order for them to function properly.

To help you prepare for cleaning, here are 5 RV cleaning tips to get you started:

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Use a Compact Vacuum Cleaner

A compact vacuum is like a mini-vacuum. It doesn’t eat up much electricity, unlike the regular vacuum cleaner. The compact vacuum cleaner will suck up all the dirt on the RV’s floor as well as underneath upholstery, which bigger vacuums can’t reach.

Old Clothes as Rags

If you have old clothes ready to be thrown out, don’t. You can use them as rags to clean your RV. An old sock may help in cleaning the windows of your RV. Place the old sock on your hand and put a little amount of all-purpose cleaner. Wipe the blinds on your window and voila! It’s as good as new!

You can also use this technique to wipe off dirt and dust on the furniture inside the RV.

Clean the RV Tank

The RV tank is the one responsible for holding water from sinks and toilets. It is important to clean those tanks to prevent future damage to the RV and avoid contacting disease from the waste. Have cleaning chemicals at hand when you attempt to clean the tanks of your RV. Flush out the stored water from the tanks. Use chemicals if you think flushing the contents is not enough to remove the waste and grime from the inside.Those chemicals will be able to remove those solids and other grime that stuck onto it.

Wash From the Top

An RV is a big vehicle. Since it is a big vehicle, cleaning inside-out may be a tedious task. As much as possible, ask someone to help you out when attempting to clean your RV. If there’s no one to help you, might as well start with it as early as possible.

When cleaning the RV, it’s is recommended to start from the roof of the RV. All the dirt from the roof will fall down on the ground, to be put away when you start cleaning at the bottom. It also means that you can both do washing and drying at the same time! Make sure to use rags to wipe off the grime at the sides of the RV so they won’t accumulate.

Thoroughly Scrub the Kitchen and Bathroom

The kitchen and the bathroom are the two places in the RV where most germs and bacteria resides. It is important to keep these places clean at all times. Use a multi-purpose cleaning spray to help clean off the dirt, grime, and bacteria in these locations. When left uncleaned, these will cause illnesses to residents of the RV.

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