A Basic Guide to Buying the Best Fleet Tracking Unit

  A Basic Guide to Buying the Best Fleet Tracking Unit
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Businesses have experienced multiple benefits from the use of technology.  One of the commonly used technology in many industries is the GPS fleet tracking. Businesses that mostly use vehicles as a major part of their daily operations such as passenger transport services, building and construction, towing businesses, cables and communications and any others have realized how a lot easier it is to manage them with a tracking unit in place.

The tracking devices are very advanced and with new fleet gps tracking solutions being introduced in the market every day, it can be a little confusing for the business owner to choose the ideal one amidst all those highly sophisticated ones; that promise even more convenience when it comes to managing several fleets of vehicle. With most business owners looking to increase productivity, maximize efficiency and do away with any unnecessary expenses it is only common that they evaluate their needs and match the, with that a tracking unit is offering.

The Purchasing process

Before speaking to your seller, there are a few things you need to establish, in order to find the ideal vehicle tracking unit for your business.

  •         Number of Vehicles

Know the number of vehicles you want tracked at all times; this will enable your seller to offer you the ideal subscription plans that will cover your current number of vehicles. The seller will always ask you this, and that is why it is important to decide the number of vehicles you are going to be tracking beforehand.   

  •         Work Radius

You also need to know the size of your tracking area. If your business has its fleet travelling nationwide and beyond, then it is only proper and more convenient to get a larger tracking company because they have the resources to manage your fleet. If your working area is small a local company can do better.

  •         Do Comparisons

It is only natural that you will want to compare the best services and choose the most affordable and ideal one for your business. Evaluate the services of every dealer you have shortlisted. In this case the cheapest company may not be the best, which is why you need to go for reasonable prices and value for your needs instead of the cheapest options.

  •         GPS Trackers Types

These fleet trackers are majorly categorized into two major categories and they are the passive and real-time devices. The real-time ones have to be always connected to a server somewhere and automatically send data to the server. The passive ones which are also known as GPS data loggers simply send data to some memory making it available for download later. Again your choice here will depend on your needs.

As you consider the ideal fleet GPS tracking unit for your business remember that these tracking devices are no good without the satellite, wireless or any data services which will be required to log, obtain and send information. Your dealer has to be working with the best internet service provider if they intend to give you a great working experience.


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