Are You Interested to Sell Your Damaged Car? Here are Few Useful Tips

Are You Interested to Sell Your Damaged Car? Here are Few Useful Tips
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If you have a damaged or an old vehicle simply occupying your driveway space then it is more preferable to sell it off and get some cash. Luckily, there are plenty of junkyard companies available who look for such old cars. However, all of them may not offer you very good price. Following are few tips that can be useful for you if you have decided to sell broken car.

Assess the damage of the car

Before you call any company to bid for your damaged car, you must know what are the various damages? Whether these damages are repairable or not? You may call any car mechanic and get it properly assessed by him. You can also get some idea about the price of your damaged car by looking at Kelley Blue Book listing.

Repair the vehicle

If the vehicle is in repairable condition then get it repaired from any good workshop so that you can fetch good price from any prospective buyer of the old car.

Sell parts of the car

Any damaged car must be having many parts in the working condition. You can identify those useable parts and then sell it to an interested party who may offer reasonable price for it.

Sell the car in ‘as it is’ condition

If you find that the car is not in salvageable condition, decide to sell it in whatever condition it is parked. There are plenty of scrap yard companies, who may be ready to buy it as a metal scrap and use its various parts as a spare part of any working vehicle.

Choose the right company

You must choose those companies who are ready to come to your place and tow your vehicle free of charge. There are many such junkyard companies, who offer such service without any charge. These vehicles need to be carried in very careful manner so that it does not cause any further damage to your already damaged car.

Select a company that offers fair price for your damaged car

Deciding the fair price is also very debatable, but you will know about its right price after showing the number of interested junkyard companies. However, if the damages of your car are repairable then you can expect to get better price. However, if the car is not at all in working condition then its price will depend upon the condition of its various parts. You get the quotation from number of bidders and then choose one who quotes the highest price.

Check the record of Buyer Company in Business Bureau

You must make sure that the buyer whom you have chosen is not involved in any kind of illegal business activities. Though you can check their record on Business Bureau, where you will get some inside information about the company and its business, you must make sure that the company also offers right price for the vehicle. There are number of unscrupulous junkyard companies available in the market that should be avoided at any cost.

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