Car Batteries Tell You When Replacement Is Necessary

Car Batteries Tell You When Replacement Is Necessary
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Your car battery may not be able to audibly tell you when it is at the end of its lifespan but it can put out quite a few warning signs to help you avoid a disaster. Dead or dying batteries do not wait until you are safely parked somewhere before dying and you may find yourself in the middle of heavy traffic when your vehicle suddenly pulls to a dead stop. While much of your car is run via petrol, the engine cannot even begin to function without a fully-charged battery. For this reason, you must pay close attention to its behaviour as the years go by. Once you notice the first signs of a problem, you need to call for professional battery replacement before you find yourself in trouble.

Slow Engine Crank

When you turn your keys, you may begin to notice the engine not cranking as immediately. It may even take a few turns or several seconds of whining before your engine turns over. This is a sure sign that your battery is working too hard to keep your car running. Your alternator should keep your battery charged and a fully-functioning battery would never cause sluggish engine starting. For this reason, you may need to contact a reputable company such as Roadside Response to get the help you need.

Check Engine Light

Your check engine light can sometimes light up when your battery power is weak. If you notice the light suddenly came on while you were on the road, it may be time to get a replacement battery. Check out these options to help you keep your car road-ready for years to come and be sure to compare the benefits of such options before making a choice. The new battery you get may yet last longer than your old one, which will make your investment worth it more quickly.

Swelling or Bloating Battery Case

The harsh Australian sun has claimed many victims and your battery is just as susceptible to its heat. Battery cases subjected to extreme heat may begin to bloat or swell in response, which will decrease the life of your battery dramatically. Fortunately, the right companies not only help you choose the perfect replacement battery but they can provide batteries specifically designed to handle the worst of Australian weather. No matter if the temperature has hit 30 degrees, you can rest easy in the knowledge that your battery can handle it.

Battery Leak

Battery leaks cause corrosion around the posts, which can limit their ability to perform their job. Battery replacement may be your only option once the corrosion is advanced and the replacements should be better and longer-lasting than the battery you had. In short, batteries today are more advanced and efficient than the type of batteries around when your car was built. Unless you only recently bought your car and it was new, your battery may be well over a decade old. Once you spot a sign of battery failure, calling on the right help may save you from an embarrassing or even dangerous situation in the future.

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