Car exhaust removal system online

Car exhaust removal system online
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The gases from the exhaust system of automobiles can be extremely harmful for human beings, even after many techniques that had been used in the same to reduce the harmful effect on environment and human beings. Especially for people working in automobile garages and the environment for firefighting heroes, where the inhales of harmful gases like carbon monoxide that has the potential to kill organisms, hydrocarbons from unburned fuel and nitrogen oxides from internal combustions are almost inevitable. This harmful effect arises because, mostly all the garages operate indoors and also like other trucks the fire truck’s engines produces harmful fumes that are toxic for all the human beings. So, for the protection of the human beings working inside these places car exhaust removal systems are been used.

It is also used in many industries apart from fire departments and automobile garages. Those industries includes

  • Emergency medical services
  • Automobile manufacturing industries
  • Farm equipments and tractor maintenance garages
  • Military cars

Available systems

Different cars have different types of exhaust pipes. For example, some cars have exhaust pipe at rear ends while some have in their side skirts and some trucks have horizontal tail pipe exhausts while some have horizontal exhaust stacks. So as to fit every models there are different types of models available in market. One of them is Fume-A-Vent which provides a variety of systems to do the process in an effective way.

  1. Crush proof

                         Crush proof exhaust system is a simple, economic and a long term investment for the garages which are small and operate in an active way. This system can be used for automobiles cars, bikes, SUVs and also inland mowers. This system is called crush proof because, even if it is repeatedly used or stepped on or even after rough use it retain origial form. It is also easy to be used, simply the appropriate size of nozzle should be made to attach to the car’s exhaust and the other end of the hose is sent out of the door or the ventilation system of garage. This hose can be easily connected to the exhaust system of the cars and can also be converted to dual-exhaust. This hose that is vented out of the garage is assisted by a fan.

  1. Over head

The over head system is a cost effective and a user friendly solution for those industries which have various needs to be satisfied. This system is incorporated with the lifted hose systems with the help of cable balancers, pulleys and ropes. They also have the capability to withstand temperature. This system either has a direct mount fan or is connected to a central fan. Here also the nozzle that is fit for the exhaust system is selected for the operation. Here the hose is lowered from the ceiling for the comfort of work for the users and the elbow joints suspend the hose.  Then this is directly connected to the ducting system

  1. Hose Reels

                         Hose reels helps the users to keep their work place clean and provide a mess free environment. In this hose either motor operated or manual spring retraction retracts the hose back to the reel. In this system the hose is pulled down to the desired length and retracted to the reel easily when the work is done. Motorized hose reel is preferred when the exhaust is beyond the reach of operator.

  1. Broom Arms

                           Broom Arms are used in the places where ceiling is high and the over head exhaust cannot be used. In this system the hose swings between or over different bays. This system can be used for both horizontal and vertical stacks. This system has two styles which are pivoting-articulating style which allows the arm to bend in the middle giving additional length and pivoting style which does not bend in the middle but pivoting at the base is allowed.

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