Check Out These Cool Car Ideas

Check Out These Cool Car Ideas
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When it comes to your car, how cool is it? We’re not just talking about the aesthetics of your vehicle, either. We’re talking about all-around security, accessories, cleanliness, tech stuff, a car transponder key, car locks that work to keep thieves out – the whole shebang.

These cool car ideas are just the ticket to you getting into your vehicle and loving it all the more. We spend quite a bit of time in our vehicles, so why not do what we can to make them as cool as possible? We’ve got it all here for you today, so read on and find out more! You might just be glad that you did.

Check Out These Cool Car Ideas

– A car transponder key.

What is this type of key, you might be asking yourself? This key usually has a black plastic head which contains an electronic chip. This type of key has become more mainstream as the months go on and with enhanced security being a huge part of the car world with new cars these days, this type of key has become popular with new cars.

It’s programmed in order to match your car. This means that unlike older models from the same brand, you can’t open it even though you may have the same make and model. Not all keys match your car; just the transponder key, so if you lose it you must get a new one made up. Obviously, that’s going to cost a little, but it’s well worth it for a brand-new car transponder key that prevents theft as effectively as it does.

– Automatic car locks.

You want a car that’s going to lock automatically so that even if you forget to lock it, it locks itself within a matter of seconds. However, this can be a challenge for people that might tend to forget their keys in their vehicle. If you’re the type to get automatically locked out of your vehicle, perhaps this isn’t for you! But it’s a good idea if you always forget to lock up your car.

– Satellite radio.

Satellite radio is available as an option in some of the newer models. There are so many channels and if you really love music or even talk radio you might really enjoy it. Sometimes you get a year free with the purchase of a certain vehicle, but check it out and see if it’s for you!

– Homemade air fresheners.

Take a bit of fabric and cut it out and glue it to cardboard. Then spritz it with your favourite spray or some essential oils to get the maximum out of it. You can dab some oil onto it or use a spray or even perfume or cologne that you like. No more chemical ocean smells for your vehicle!

– Have a mini car trash.

Always having a spot to dispose of things means that your car will be much cleaner than it is without one! Either use a plastic bag or what can be really convenient is lining a small tissue box and then just throwing wrappers and things like that inside for easy disposal. Then just toss and you’re good!

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