Common Mistakes People Make When Buying Hydraulic Hoses

Common Mistakes People Make When Buying Hydraulic Hoses
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When purchasing hose fittings UK people are known to make mistakes, especially when it comes to the hydraulic hose. Faced with overwhelming choices and short timelines to get machines built it is no surprise that people make mistakes, however today we are hopefully going to enable less people to make mistakes through providing a list of mistakes that people make when buying these hoses and useful information.

Commonly Made Mistakes

Buying based on price alone

One of the greatest mistakes in which people make when purchasing hydraulic hoses is only considering price, simply buying the cheapest hoses that they can find. This of course is not recommended. Low quality and basic hoses are generally the cheapest, however higher quality hoses which can cost more can last much longer, more than double to life of cheap hoses. When buying hose do not just think about prices, think about quality, lifespan and more before making any decisions. You don’t’ want to be having to buy a new hose every week, do you?

Failing to consider abrasion

Another common mistake which is made when buying hydraulic hoses is people buying hoses without considering the most common causes of hose failure, such as abrasion.  When buying a hydraulic hose you must look at the design of your machine to see if your hose is going to be at an elevated risk of abrasion. If it is you need to be looking for abrasion resisting hoses so that they can last as long as possible and serve you greatly.

Under and overestimating covers

Another mistake that people make when buying these hoses is failing to consider covers. Covers are more important than many buyers initially realise however it is imperative that they are thought about. If your application requires a cover it is definitely worth splashing out and purchasing a premium hose cover – This will allow your hose to stay in the best condition for longer and minimise hose failure.

Risking losing warranty guarantees

When purchasing a hydraulic hose, regardless of price, quality and lifespan people should always be sure to read the warranty guarantee information impeccably so that they can be sure what they are covered for and what they are not covered for. This should also play a factor in choosing a hose and you want to ensure that you have the maximum possible cover available.

Choosing a hose can be difficult, there are many things to consider but hopefully these pointers will be able to assist people in finding the best hoses for their individual needs and requirements. If you have any questions that you would like to ask please do not hesitate to ask away, we are always more than happy to help!

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