Cost efficient rest rooms for the events

Cost efficient rest rooms for the events
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Satellite Truck express is a leading manufacturer of portable restrooms. They offer vehicles and trailers designed for drivers according to driver’s efficiency, comfort at the lower cost of operation. Satellite truck is a movable communication satellite earth station mounted on a truck. These trucks are equipped with the electrical units like electric generators or invertors. It contains a large antenna which works as a satellite and sends the signal to the studio.

Now day’s custom designs are more common and for this satellite offer multiple options including tank, inlet, and outlet valves, jetting or vacuum system. These septic trucks are also used for the oil and natural gas industries. These trucks are available at different ranges from 900 to 2000 gallons or more.Image result for Satellite Truck express

Features of satellite truck:

  • Power sources like electric generator or invertors
  • Units for video editing
  • Video production units
  • Electric  news gathering facilities
  • Video tape recorders
  • Video servers
  • Saves time and space

Applications of satellite truck

  • The satellite trucks are now days used as communication for any crisis.
  • Ideal for information circulation and to create bandwidth for the severe tropical cyclones, flood and earthquakes.
  • Used to deliver live televisions like sports event and entertainment television program.

Benefits provided by Truck Express

  • Excellent in building trucks for the portable restroom and septic industry.
  • Provides customers with high-quality products and services.
  • Take care of the customers’ budget.
  • Provide you the best solutions for inventory in the trucks

Truck sizes range from 950-2150 gallons tanks. The trucks either smaller truck express or larger truck express are made from stainless steel or aluminum skirting to prevent rusting and it is easy to clean as well. Truck express can build custom tanks that meet the custom needs.


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