Extended Warranty, A Bail from Overwhelming Service Bills

Extended Warranty, A Bail from Overwhelming Service Bills
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One may be happy driving a Cadillac or a two-door Sedan and get pleased that everything seems to go well and keep going well for some time. Nevertheless, does the idea of an ever-permanent stable and reliable car for an eternity seem realistic? Eventually, a car is bound to have a breakdown due to heavy usage or the usual wear and tear. And how would you expect to get out of that situation?

An extended car warranty is a ticket to salvation in these times when something goes wrong with a car in the future. These warranties can offer peace of mind and protection when your typical vehicle warranty has gone out.

What determines the reliability of a car? When considering purchasing a car, there are only handful of the factors that determine that. In fact, you can say that only two things matter the most that affect a car’s reliability. Those include how often does it need repairing, and how much will it cost for each repair.

Over the years, consumers have usually thought, wondered and pondered over how large the worldwide warranty industry is? In a study, it was found that manufacturers and car insurance companies have spent around $48.0 billion on claims last year, and up to $42.2 billion in the year before.

According to the J.D. Power 2017 Vehicle Dependability Study, it was found out that the 10 top-selling vehicles of the 2014 model-year averaged 134 PP100 (problems experienced per 100 vehicles) which was significantly better than the industry average of 156 PP100. In which the top cause of problems reported in 2017 is a failing battery. In fact, this year regarding claims, reported 44{04c774513060b5d92c0554ac7e8f0408dfca0aa4bf909e630a3bfeae32db7c11} more reports of battery failure than 2016.

For the rankings, Lexus and Porsche have the highest rank, with both at 110 PP100. Lexus has been in the top for six consecutive years. Toyota has 123 PP100 followed by Buick with 126 PP100 and Mercedes-Benz with 131 PP100.

What this means for you and for your auto warranty is that buying the top-rated vehicles not only mean less downtime but more often than not means a lesser warranty premium.

In addition, as any smart consumer already knows, the better your treatment of care is given to your vehicles, the longer it will last. Thus, a warranty committed to better maintenance, support and routine tune-ups, is what their car will need.

Choosing whether to buy a reputable car like a Honda or Toyota that may be a bit more expensive or to purchase from another car manufacturer with a lower rating but with a cheaper price is the classic dilemma for the consumer. For those looking to save a bit more, what you can do is to get either an enhanced and extended warranties from other third-party insurance or warranty companies, or to buy the more expensive but generally more reliable car and get a cheaper auto warranty.

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