Features of Linear Actuators

Features of Linear Actuators
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With different applications, engineers have various technologies in their hands to serve the humanity. The technology may be hydraulic, pneumatic, mechanical or even electric for any application. But in the case of linear actuators, the electrical technology is leading ahead with numerous applications and easy handling. With the unique combination, the electric actuators are helping in various sectors across the globe. The exciting features of these actuators are making it the best in the industry. Let’s have a look on them.

Simpler in Design

The electric linear actuators are simpler in design than the hydraulic and pneumatic actuators. They are easy in handling and also while implementing a design. With less initial and working costs, they are leading in the market and come with high reliability.

Easy Integration with any system

The electric actuator comes with easy integration with other relating systems and equipment. They perform well with the help of microprocessor and re-programmable controllers. With these controllers, you can easily manage them and make them perform any kind of modern operation.

Accuracy in results

The linear actuators are responsible for giving accurate and precise results. One can easily control the speed and torque of these actuators. The results are better and specific than the hydraulic and pneumatic actuators. They help in reducing the operating costs and enhance the productivity. Even they reduce the frequent equipment change over during the entire process.

Easy assembly

Through linear actuators, you get the option of easy assembly in any system. With electric wires and cables, one can connect to the hoses and pumps. On comparing the assembly process among the hydraulic and pneumatic systems, the electrical actuators provide a simplified way to assemble the parts. Through easier assembly, you can get higher quality output with minimum overhead costs.

Safer to use

While using the hydraulic and pneumatic actuators, there are chances of leakage and rupture of the system. Always being at higher pressure the system can even bring damage to the user and important machinery parts. With the oil leakage, the systems get contaminated and catch dirt. But the electric linear actuator is easy to handle, safer and even protects from contamination.

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