Finance your car with novated lease

Finance your car with novated lease
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Are you looking to buy your first car? You may have heard about novated lease by which can get your financed by your by your employer. It sounds interesting but you should dig down to the concept that how it really works. It is not as simple as it sounds however it is one of those benefited ways to get your car financed without any hassling processes along with reduction of your income tax. Finding the best novated lease offers in itself is a challenge, so you better compare the deals before you settle for one.Related image

Know about novated lease

The novated lease is kind of agreement which is in-between the triangle of employee (that is you), employer and finance company. It is like your employer or company is financing your car from your monthly salary pre- taxation payment. The simplest way to explain is- you will choose a car for yourself and the employer or your company will pay for your car to the finance company. That payment deduction will be from your pre-tax salary which will save you good money. It is tax reliever way of purchasing a car with easy financing where you will not have any headache of hassling procedures.

Advantages you get

The novated leasing method enables you to purchase for better deals with great options in buying which you will get from financing company or any vehicle leasing Management Company. You will get negotiating benefits on the price. The deduction will be from your post tax-salary means saving on tax. You also have the luxury of choice in novated leasing even when it is financed by your company from a financing company. The car will be of your choice, on your name and also when your leave, you will free to take the car with you and allowed for further repayments Thus, a best novated lease can be great financing method to own a car that you may not or cannot buy by yourself easily.

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