Five Important Questions to Ask Your Lawyer After an Accident

Five Important Questions to Ask Your Lawyer After an Accident
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Five Important Questions to Ask Your Lawyer After an Accident

With accidents, the only thing you can be sure about is that you can never be too well prepared to handle them. While it can be extremely overwhelming to have survived an accident of any sort, the sensible thing to do is to compose yourself and hire an injury attorney to look at your case. From compensations to any other legal proceedings, having an injury attorney can help you tackle things without any fuss.

Here are some common queries and doubts that you might want to have cleared when you hire an injury lawyer:

1. How much compensation will you be paid?

Whether a small accident or a major one, the losses that it causes you are immense. From missing work, treatment costs to damage of property and other such losses, there is plenty of financial loss involved. Therefore, it is only wise to ask your attorney about how much compensation can you expect to be paid. In most cases, the compensation is provided only to cover medical expenses, but claims for material loss can also be made in the event of automobile accidents.

2. What happens in the case of permanent Disability?

As unfortunate as it is, people can be left permanently disabled in case of any major accidents. If your injuries take some time to be detected and healed, make sure to ask your lawyer whether he will be helping you out with social security benefit if you’re permanently disabled. This is because the court proceedings and final hearing might take some time. Therefore, before you receive the compensation, you can rely on your social security benefits.

3. What role do you play in filing and claiming the lawsuit?

Usually, the attorney’s take care of everything in the event of an accident, but you might as well need to be aware of the procedures such as filing of a lawsuit. If due to some emergency your attorney needs to be replaced or leave half way through, you should be able to make some decisions on your own. Knowing about these things can help you make the right choices. Also, ask him how long the whole process can be and what can be the estimated budget including his fees for the case.

4. Inquire about his educational qualifications

Before you rely on your injury attorney for your legal matters, it is wise to be aware of his educational qualifications and his work history. Having a well read and experienced lawyer won’t only get results in your favor but also make the whole process a lot less time to take since they are aware of the way things work. Make sure to hire a lawyer who specializes in personal injury law. You can contact Michigan Injury Lawyers to ensure that the attorney who represents you has a personal injury law background.

5. Will he be representing you with the Insurance Company as well?

After an accident, you must be involved in discussions and proceedings with the insurance companies as well. As a lawyer, be sure if he can handle tasks like paperwork, negotiations, and other legal tasks. Your injury lawyer can prove to be a great help when it comes to making insurance companies take your plea seriously. Therefore, discuss this with him before going ahead with the case.

If you ever find yourself in a situation like this where your accident might include some legal actions, try to get in contact with the lawyer as soon as possible. Remember, timely legal advice can prove to be of great benefit in case of personal injury cases.

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