Getting the Best out of a Car Leasing Deal

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One of the main reasons for leasing a car is the prospect of driving a newer car than you would have if you had bought your own. In most cases, you only have to make a fairly small down payment and later make instalments according to your agreement with the Car Leasing company. However, you should consider certain drawbacks before making a commitment and driving away in your leased car:

Tips for Leasing a Car

  • Your ownership of the car ends with the expiry of the lease period. Therefore, you cannot buy another car with the equity of the leased car.
  • If the period of the lease is too long, the cost could easily exceed the amount you would pay for your own new car.
  • There may be harsh penalties for going against the terms of the lease. For instance, you will have to pay for driving for more than the agreed miles, failing to keep both the car’s exterior and interior in good condition and low performance of the car as a result of wear and tear from your driving. In addition, you would still have to pay when you want to return the car before the expiry of the lease period.Image result for Getting the Best out of a Car Leasing Deal

Before expressing your interest in leasing a particular car, you should have certain considerations in mind, including the type of car as well as its price range. In addition, consider the gas mileage, dependability, safety features and insurance premiums. When the taking the car for a test drive, keep an eye on visibility, braking, steering, suspension and general driving comfort. Here are a few additional tips:


  • Compare the cost of leasing a car or several cars over a certain period of time with the cost of buying a new or used car.
  • Negotiate the buying price of the car before letting the dealer know that you intend to lease it.
  • Throughout the negotiation, focus on the total cost of leasing the car including the down payment and monthly fees.

Car Leasing is one of the best options for drivers who are after the high performance, less maintenance costs and comfort of a new car. However, it is sometimes more convenient if you bought your own car. Therefore, the golden rule is: consider the cost of leasing for a period of time versus the cost of buying.

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