Have You Driven Around for Years with the Check Engine Light On

Have You Driven Around for Years with the Check Engine Light On
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Part of the Gluon platform is the ability for users to diagnose problems with the autos that are involved in this platform.

Check engine light

What is more frustrating than when the “check engine light” comes on? Most drivers have no idea what that means. Maybe the engine is going to overheat or is the block cracked? A woman driver is wondering if she will be left on the side of the road at night. But, it could be simple like someone forgetting to puton the gas cap after it was last filled up. (Oh yes, that can make the “check engine light” come on)

Majority of drivers

Most drivers have no idea what this light means and how to find out exactly why it is on. So, the drivers will either totally ignore it or go the nearest repair shop to learn what the error is. The repair shop will plug in a diagnostic tool into the “OBD (on-board diagnostic) II” port. And it still may not be sufficient information for the driver to know if the problem is urgent and how much it is going to cost. And some repair shops use to make you pay a chargeto the repair shop to only hook up the car to see what it means. Current models have so much on the display screens that sometimes no oneis able to find the error message code.

Cars since 1996

However, most vehicles on the road today only give you a yellow triangle and Gluon will be able to monitor the auto and diagnose the problem, even remotely. Those autos that have an “OBD II port (on-board diagnostic)”. This includes autos sold in the US after 1996 that provides information for self-diagnostic about the car to the consumer not just the repair technician. With Gluon, consumers will be able to get this information and in some cases, buy the part with cyber currency Glu token. This could also stop the thousands of dollars that repair shops will charge every year for repairs that are not needed. Gone will be paying the repair shop for the diagnosis or ordering the wrong part several times.


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