Hey, Pixar Lovers! What if Woody was… a Car?

Hey, Pixar Lovers! What if Woody was… a Car?
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Have you ever wondered what type of car you would be? Wouldn’t it be great to be a sleek, red-hot, Ford Mustang? Or, how about a classic black, four door, Mercedes-Benz? Viewing the automotive world as cartoon characters is fun, creative and innovative.

And that’s just want the folks at ClickMechanic have accomplished. They have taken our favorite Pixar characters and morphed them into hilarious, colorful, vehicles like the ones you’d see in the Cars animated movie franchise.

Here’s just a snippet of the amusing cars ClickMechanic has created:

Woody: Imagine Woody, our favorite old school cowboy as a Ford 100. Perfect right? Sheriff Woody is a classic and so is the Ford 100. It’s nice to know that some “old things” never go out of style.

Buzz Lightyear: Spaceman Buzz Lightyear is shown as an Infinity Q30. Can’t you just imagine flying down the highway in that futuristic Buzz-mobile? Buzz Lightyear the car, is ready for action and he’s raring to go.

Mr. Incredible: Our hero, Mr. Incredible, is reconstructed as a Land Rover Discovery L4. This hilarious image honestly captures the power and determination of Mr. Incredible.

Dory: Then there’s our favorite forgetful buddy, Dory. ClickMechanic depicts her as a Plymouth Prowler. Again, this image is spot on. An outdated hot-rod, with a great big smile. Priceless. Like the Prowler, Dory is loved by many, regardless of her short-comings.

We hope you enjoyed our sample of the wonderful artwork brought to you by ClickMechanic. While the folks at ClickMechanic wanted to make you smile, they also wanted to let you know that ClickMechanic has mobile mechanics that can fix your car. The mechanics are vetted and ready to repair your car at your home, job or elsewhere.

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Image Source: ClickMechanic, https://www.clickmechanic.com/infographics/alternative-pixar-cars

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