How You Can Avoid Extra Charges in Freight Shipping

How You Can Avoid Extra Charges in Freight Shipping
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The cost of freight shipping can affect profitability and the ultimate success of a business. Extra charges can raise expenses to unnecessary levels for manufacturers, distributors, and other businesses.

However, there are ways to avoid such charges. Fleet fueling cards are one way to save. They help companies track fuel consumption, reduce paperwork, and even benefit from fuel discounts. When it comes to shipping, though, there are even more ways to save.Image result for How You Can Avoid Extra Charges in Freight Shipping

Fuel surcharges and taxes can be added on to the bill without you knowing it beforehand. Any freight shipping quote should state all charges to be applied. Otherwise, the final bill can be up to 40{04c774513060b5d92c0554ac7e8f0408dfca0aa4bf909e630a3bfeae32db7c11} higher than you thought it would be.

The same goes for fixed cost quotes and special services. These include scheduled times and residential delivery and pickup, All of which should be in writing. That way, everything will be included in the quote. You will avoid the carrier billing for services at an uncontrolled rate.

Know the Pickup and Delivery Locations

These should be identified before the contract is signed. The type and size of truck used must be able to access the area. It also must have the ability to turn in front of the facility and reach a loading dock.

Any limitations should be known ahead of time. Also, a residential destination should not be labeled as commercial. That is because a residential pickup and delivery typically costs more. All the details should be provided in the quote request. Thus, a carrier with the best rate can be found.

Communicate with the Carrier

If you are as specific as possible, then the carrier or broker can supply the right equipment. The correct trailer type can mean the difference between on-time shipment and expensive delays. Don’t try to skimp by choosing a cheaper equipment option. If the carrier offers a good rate on one type of equipment, chances are they do on others.

Package the Load Correctly

Freight damage will dramatically increase costs and stress. You can avoid claims by securing loads with plastic wrap and other forms of protective packaging. This will prevent most kinds of freight damage. If the package is loaded correctly, it will save time and expenses.

Check with Multiple Carriers

Since freight rates are so variable, get quotes from different companies. Identify the equipment, delivery times, the origin and destination points. It can mean the difference between spending a few hundred or thousands of dollars for hauling the same load.

One tip for avoiding extra charges is ensuring the rate is in a native currency. Another is to avoid exchange rates and stating all extra needs in advance, such as temperature control.

By avoiding the most charges, your small freight business can afford to operate and serve its clientele.


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