Inspecting and replacing old car hoses

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Car hoses are one of the most important components of a car. They carry vital fluids throughout the car and its engine and are hugely responsible for the proper running of a car. Engineers concur that old and worn hoses are a safety risk which is why they insist that you have proper checkups at regular intervals and replace any hoses that may be defective any time you go for a service.

Checking for old and worn hoses

Before we look at how to identify worn hoses, it is important to mention that hoses that are in contact with hot fluids, those that are bent or those that are bent and straightened a lot are likely to undergo wear than other car hoses. Examples of these horses include those that are attached to the radiator as well as those that carry wiper fluid.

Identifying worn hoses can be challenging because a hose can be worn on the inside and at the point of bursting and still look good on the outside. For such hoses, squeezing and bending them may cause them to crack or break, and if they do, they have to go to the bin.Image result for Inspecting and replacing old car hoses

Another sign of worn hoses is cracks on the surface of the tube. Hoses that are close to sources of heat, such as those near a radiator, are much more susceptible to this type of damage.

Replacing your worn car hoses

  • Identify the worn hoses – The first step is to identify the tubes that need replacing.
  • Get the proper replacement hoses – At this point, you may need a dealer or a professional to advise you on the best hoses to get. Also, it is worth mentioning that hoses now come in a variety of materials including silicone so that you have a wide selection of hoses to choose from.
  • Replace the worn hose(s) – The final step is replacing the hoses that are old or worn. It is important to use the right tools and follow the manual that came with the car to do this the right way.

If you find that you cannot do this on your own, get a professional mechanic to do the hose inspection and replacement for you. It may not be cheap, but it is worth the peace of mind in knowing that your car was serviced by a professional.

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