Invest In Good Quality Mud Terrain Tires

Invest In Good Quality Mud Terrain Tires
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I enjoy watching obstacles races on television and I marvelled at the skills and struggles the drivers and their passenger handled their vehicles when they got stuck in some muddy patch or overcoming some difficult obstacles. Some said that driving through muddy areas is like trying to skate on ice or walking through the quicksand.

Mud in general is a combination of water and earth. It may be sandy soil, topsoil, clay, ice and snow, rocks and gravel, bog and peat moss, all kinds of earth material or all kinds of materials combined. To drive through these mud, there are various driving techniques and equipment that the drivers need to apply in order to negotiate through the mud they encountered on their journey. Depending on the mud terrain, suspension, mud tires, and etc. play an important part.

As there are various mud combination and texture, choosing the right mud tires is necessary and important.

  • Slick mud with hard bottom layer – narrow mud tires is the best to cut through the top layer to find traction on the hard surface below. A wide mud terrain tires will not be able to reach the hard surface below as it tends to float on the slick top layer due to the wider width.
  • Thicker, cement-like mud – the wider mud tires will be more suitable to provide floatation, much like driving on sand. The wider tires have larger contact patch.

Mud tires have a larger lug and wider and deeper void space between lugs. These should be designed to channel mud out of the tread and self-clean the lugs so that as they spin through the mud, the lugs come down clear of mud to give them better traction for the next rotation. If the tread designs do not enable the tires to self-clean and become clogged and packed with mud in the voids, the tires will have next to zero traction. Investing in high quality BF Goodrich mud terrain tires will make a world of difference in these conditions.

Whenever mud is encountered, the first thing to do is to get out from your vehicle and check it out on foot. You can either use a long stick or an object to try to find the solid bottom to get some traction. Check out also for object that may damage the tires.

Due to the unique tread design, BF Goodrich mud terrain tires is popular among off-road enthusiasts. Their high quality tires are known for good performance and BF Goodrich tires for sale are sold at competitive prices. Make sure to get the size of your tires right and choose the tires that are best suited for the kind of terrain and climate.

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