Racing Tips for Snowy and Icy Conditions

Racing Tips for Snowy and Icy Conditions
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Driving in snowy and icy conditions is much different to driving in dry conditions, especially when it comes to motor racing. Of course it is vital that in the winter months silicone hoses and other such products are used, however there is plenty more advice available which today we are going to be discussing.  The advice that we are going to be offering has come from professional, so rest assured that you are in good hands.

Top Tips

Find your line: Whenever you are preparing for a race, you don’t only have to look at your track but also your car. This is of ultimate importance. You need to ensure that you place your tyres in the exact correct places to ensure ultimate grip. If you start to place your wheels outside the recommended line you will likely find that the roads and tracks are even more slippery than you thought.  It is critical that you get traction to the front wheels, especially under breaking. Concentrate on your front to wheels and not so much on your back wheels – they typically follow in suite.

Corners: Corner entry has to be perfect and there is no room for mistakes. 90{04c774513060b5d92c0554ac7e8f0408dfca0aa4bf909e630a3bfeae32db7c11} of racing success is made me perfecting corners and breaking so you don’t lock the wheels can really make a huge difference. Ensuring that tyres continue to rotate I more important when on snow and ice than it is tarmac.

Get balanced: The biggest scare when racing in icy and snowy conditions is that cars are going to spin and lose control – however as soon as you give more load to the rear and accelerates you can catch the grip. Don’t be scared – practice in these conditions as much as you can so that you can get used.

Keep it going: Drive as smoothly as you can, and ensure that you never lift off the power because that can take the load off the rear outside tyre. Be gentle and cautious at all times.

These are only some of the tips available too. They key is to practice as much as you can and be prepared for the worst at all times.

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