Royal Protection Plan – Royal Administration Extended Warranty: The World Of Extended Warranties

Royal Protection Plan – Royal Administration Extended Warranty: The World Of Extended Warranties
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In the business of auto insurance, it is important to find affordable, realistic and convenient coverage for all your vehicle repair needs. Inadequate cover has the uncanny tendency to force you to part ways with your money when you’re covered already. On the other hand, your extended warranty may be sufficient, though inappropriate for your current needs and circumstances. With the Royal Protection Plan – Royal Administration Extended warranty- our vision is to ensure that our clients get exactly what they bargain for. This means tailoring policies in a way that gives you the right cover, at the right time!

A lot of consumers hardly make the effort to understand the elementary aspects of extended warranties. There are distinct differences between an extended service plan and the manufacturer’s original warranty. In the latter case, we speak of latent defects that manifest themselves before the sale. In which case, most of these packages are designed to cover the cost of repair or the replacement of parts, with all the work handled by the manufacturer’s own experienced technicians and mechanics. Clients covered by an original factory warranty also have the benefit of lower premiums, which can be lowered even further if your vehicle is in mint condition. An extended warranty, however, is something a little different.

Finishing The Race

If we’re to equate it to a relay, an extended warranty would receive the baton from the manufacturer and finish the race of auto protection. Ordinarily, every extended warranty should commence on the expiration of the original warranty. Therefore, in the normal course of business, dealerships often urge clients to purchase an extended protection plan at the time of purchase for convenience purposes, and quite understandably so. Most of the time we’re too busy to keep tabs on the mileage, or the duration of the warranty. Only for an accident to occur, and to be told that the manufacturer’s warranty has expired. Don’t be left clutching at straws, get your firm footing from the Royal Protection Plan today.

Reading Between The Lines

So, you’ve recently purchased a brand new car and seriously considering auto protection. Here’s a word of caution: “It’s a minefield out there, watch your step!” Warranties may be compartmentalized, but all policies have characteristics that are common to each other. For instance, you already have an original warranty and decide to get extra cover. In essence, your cover is already comprehensive. The only thing is that you haven’t opted for a plan labelled as “comprehensive” when in truth, it’s just an adaptation of an extended warranty + the original warranty, but at a higher cost of cover.

What is arguably the most appetising offering of the Royal Protection plan is it’s wide coverage. I see no reason why something should be passed off as ‘extended’ cover when you can’t access related services when you’re in certain states or outside the U.S. Or, why shouldn’t you be able to maintain your current policy when you sell your car and buy a new one.

Courtesy of National Coverage, you get a policy that’s expansive enough to touch neighboring Canada. In the same vein, transferable coverage allows you to increase your car’s market value when you transfer the existing contract to the new owner. Now, how’s that for extended cover? So whilst a service plan is designed to buttress you from everyday repair costs, it still caters for holidaymakers who sometimes drift away from their comfort zones.

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