Selling Your Car to a Motor Dealer

Selling Your Car to a Motor Dealer
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There are a lot of different routes you can follow when selling your car, selling to a car dealer is going to be one of the quickest but remember you aren’t going to get retail money.

The only reason a dealer will want your car is so they can make money selling it; stands to reason.  But ask yourself if you actually need to sell your car to a dealer.

Here we are going to look at the benefits of selling to a dealer and if it is really the best route for you.


Do you need to sell the car quickly? or maybe you simply want to avoid all the hassle involved in selling your car privately?

Sell my car in UK

Sell my car in UK

If you’re not in a desperate rush to sell and are happy to deal with private sellers then there isn’t really much point in selling your car to a dealer. I would suggest you spend some money on a good advertisement on eBay Motors or Autotrader and try selling that way as you will certainly get a better price.

If you do need to sell your car quickly or you don’t want the hassle of selling privately then I would definitely consider selling to a dealer as it will certainly save you some time but there are a couple of things you should do to make sure you get the best price you can.

Before heading over to your local dealer and asking how much they will pay you for your car, I would suggest obtaining some estimated valuations from a car buying service such as There are a number of different “Sell my car websites” on the net you can obtain valuations from to give yourself a good average price to work from.

Ultimately your vehicle is worth what someone is prepared to pay for it and this will be dependant on the desirability of the vehicle you are trying to sell. If you have a sought after model, then dealers will be keen to buy it from you and offer you a competitive figure. Likewise if it is an older model or not a particularly good seller you can expect less interest.

One sell my car website dealerbid – will help you offer your car to lots of different motor dealers using one quick online form. This will cost you £10 but will certainly save you a lot of time and could gain you a considerable amount of money if you find a good buyer.

If you do decide to contact dealer the old fashioned way (on the phone) don’t just stick to main dealers, look for a similar car on and contact the selling dealers. In a lot of cases specialist dealers may be in a position to offer you a better price as they won’t be expected to prepare the car to such a high standard as a main dealer for retail.

Once you find a dealer that is interested in your car make sure it’s nice and clean, giving the dealer the least opportunity to haggle on price as you can.

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