Should You Get an Arctic Cat Snowmobile Repair Manual?

Should You Get an Arctic Cat Snowmobile Repair Manual?
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When you buy a brand-new or second-hand snowmobile, you automatically imagine the adventures you will be sharing with it. Speed, snow, and excitement.

That’s how it usually goes up until something starts making noise or your snowmobile refuses to start. Depending on what type of owner you are, you either take it to the dealership or repair shop right away or try to check if you can do it yourself. For the latter, a repair manual might be something you might need.

What are Repair Manuals?

In a nutshell, a repair manual is a book of instructions that teach you how to fix an item. In the case of a snowmobile repair manual, it gives you the various tips and steps on how to remedy a few of the basic and some advanced issues of a snowmobile.

People usually confuse a factory service manual with a repair manual. They are similar in essence, and the only big difference is who provides them. A factory service manual is a repair manual given by the maker of the product. For an Arctic Cat unit, Arctic Cat creates and distributes the factory service manual for that particular model. However, it is rare for a regular owner to take hold of a factory service manual. This is because most factory service manuals are given to dealerships and authorized shops, so their in-house mechanics know how to maintain a specific brand’s products.

However, there are after-market factory service manuals that an owner can buy. They usually contain brand and model-specific information such as dimensions, part numbers, and repair instructions. The only thing worth noting here is that factory service manuals are created for seasoned mechanics.

A repair manual, on the other hand, contains virtually the same information as a factory service manual but is created by a third-party. Repair manuals are created with the owner in mind. This means they know the readers range from the clueless, the backyard DIY-er, and the veteran tinkerer. The instructions are easy to follow, and they require the most basic tools.

A good snowmobile repair manual usually covers all the things you need to know from basic maintenance to a complete overhaul. For a beginner or amateur DIY person, a repair manual is a blessing as it contains the most basic and often disregarded information such as coloured wiring diagrams to complete assembly and disassembly.

Should You Get a Snowmobile Repair Manual?

The answer to this question depends on whether you are interested in working on your snowmobile or not. For some snowmobile owners, sending their units to the authorized repair shop or the dealership is the number one option when something goes wrong. For these types of owners, it might not be necessary to get a snowmobile repair manual.

However, you can choose to get to know your snowmobile a bit more and try to fix it when something minor happens. In that case, you need a snowmobile repair manual to help you do the right steps. Also, with a snowmobile repair manual, you can do the proper maintenance needed to keep your snowmobile in good condition.


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