The Dream Car Driving Experience

The Dream Car Driving Experience
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 Have you ever wondered what it would be like to drive a Formula Renault racing car? What about a Porsche Cayman? Maybe it is not so much about the car you are driving but the experience. It might be a thrilling idea to try out a skid pad? With luxury sports cars out of the reach for most of us as well as so many racing movies making it more and more tempting to try on speed for size it is no wonder there are companies popping up across the US that offer the ultimate driving experiences. Here Edmunds, Cars specialists, share their ideas of some of the exciting driving experiences that you can try on a safe driving track in some of the world’s sexiest, fastest cars such as 2017 Volvo xc90.

  • Racing Car: If it is all about speed for you then you can look into a racing car rental. You can find cars such as Formula Renault racing cars that are available for hire to be driven on a supervised closed track. You will get the thrilling experience of driving a race car but first will get a feel for the track in a first class car such as a Porsche Cayman. Depending on the venue there are a number of models and options and for a price you will get to drive the cars you have only ever imagined you would see on the telly or a movie screen.
  • Affordable Thrill: One of the most affordable cars to drive on the closed courses is a Porsche. Many tracks offer you the opportunity to get behind the wheel of this powerful car and get the feel for driving on a track at speeds above your neighbourhood’s This can prove to be addictive so make sure you have the money to do it more than once.
  • Audi R8: Take this little beauty for a spin following some instruction from a race car driver. It takes some know how to manoeuvre these special vehicles but once you get behind the wheel you will learn what it feels like to drive a luxury sports car.
  • Supreme Driving: Many tracks offer the ultimate driving experience in models such as the Ferrari 430, Aston Martin V8 Vantage or the Lamborghini Aventador Roadster. Do your homework and find out what car has the most appeal for you and what the various tracks offer as far as time/laps on the track, instruction and of course price.
  • Training: You can also look into a number of training opportunities such as learning to handle your car in a skid. Skid pad training uses a slicked track to show you how to manage yourself in a skid to stay safe and avoid accidents. There are also training classes to learn skills such as drifting just for the fun of it.

There are so many experiences to consider and some tracks even offer junior experiences that are supervised and safe. If driving isn’t for you it is a perfect gift idea for the speed lover in your life and you can come along and watch the fun.

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