The Facts about Renting a Car for your Wedding

The Facts about Renting a Car for your Wedding
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Whether you’re looking for transportation to and from your wedding or need a vehicle so you can depart for your honeymoon, most couples choose to rent a car for their wedding for a variety of reasons. Most commonly, many couples want to have a vehicle that is vastly different or much more luxurious than the car they drive every day to and from work for their wedding car. Let’s face it; an economy sedan doesn’t exactly scream romance, and that’s exactly the look that you’re going for on your wedding day. Fortunately, there are many companies that offer great cars that you can rent for your wedding, and often times the pricing is much more reasonable than you would expect.

Before you run out and rent a car for your wedding, however, you’ll need to narrow down exactly what you’re looking for. The biggest determining factor is how the car will be used, but there are other details that you’ll need to consider before you start looking at vehicles. Perhaps you want to hold sparklers in your hand as you drive away in a convertible; will the rental company allow that? What is you expect the possibility of rain; will the convertible top flip up? Here is a brief rundown of the various options available when looking to rent a car for your wedding along with the benefits, drawbacks, and other considerations that you should keep in mind while shopping.Related image

Luxury Car

When you first begin to consider renting a car for your wedding, the very first thing that pops into most couple’s minds is a luxury car. Luxury cars are an obvious choice because weddings are all about class and elegance which are two things that a luxury car conveys incredibly well. A luxury car can be a great way to get to your ceremony or travel between your ceremony and your reception, but usually it isn’t practical if you need a car to take you on your honeymoon. Luxury cars are usually brands like Mercedes or Rolls Royce and are very expensive to rent for more than just a few hours, so using one to drive to a honeymoon destination is likely going to be out of your wedding budget range.

Muscle Car or Sports Car

Another popular option when renting a wedding car is to choose a classic muscle car or a sports car. Many people don’t own a vehicle like this for their daily driver, so renting one for your wedding can be considered a nice treat. After everyone is done dancing, lighting sparklers during the wedding reception, and sipping on cocktails, there is nothing more iconic then hopping into a convertible and driving into the sunset. If you rent a muscle car like a Mustang or a vintage Corvette, the pricing usually isn’t too bad and they make great honeymoon vehicles. If you want to hold the wedding sparklers in your hands as you drive away, you’ll want either a convertible model or at least one with T-tops or a removable roof panel. However, if you choose a modern sports car like a Ferrari or a Porsche, it may be too expensive to use for more than a few hours.


Though not always the first option considered, the vast majority of couples rent a limousine for their wedding rather than a normal brand of car. There are a lot of reasons for this, but most commonly it is because the pricing structure is setup for hourly use which is all that most couples are looking for. Additionally, a limousine rental will include a professional chauffer so you don’t need to worry about driving the vehicle yourself. In the end, there is nothing classier or more elegant that arriving to your wedding in a beautiful limousine which makes it the top choice for couples looking to rent a car for their wedding.

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