The Importance of Undercoating Your Vehicle

The Importance of Undercoating Your Vehicle
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Purchasing a car of your dreams is not easy in these economically hard times. Also, maintaining it to run smoothly for years is much more difficult. The only way to prevent spending thousands of dollars for fixing a major repair in future is to take appropriate preventive measures. The presence of iron based metals in the car makes them vulnerable to rusting in a natural environment. Rust can turn any car into dust in no time and even a small rust formation can cause widespread damage to any vehicle. The most affected area is the vehicle’s undercarriage, which comes in regular contact with the dirt, debris and salt that comes from the road. However, this problem is not inevitable.

Car undercoating is a method in which a protective layer is applied on the underlying side of the car. This part is not protected by a paint layer as other parts of the car, thus making them more likely to rust. Manufacturers have begun to provide chip-protection coating for safeguarding your car against rust. But the coating could wear away over time, making your car in need of additional protection to fight rust. And Car undercoating is considered as the best option for protecting your vehicle against rust formation.

The absolute necessity of auto undercoating depends on the area in which the driver lives. Car undercoating is a must for people who are living in the coastal areas (high salt content in the air) and in places where winters are long, where considerable amount of salt is used on the roads for safety reasons. Salt attracts water as it is hygroscopic in nature. And the oxygen present in the water plays an important role in corrosion. Rusting occurs due to the conversion of metal to metal oxide through oxidation. Oxidation is an electrochemical reaction in which metal loses electrons and the water breaks into hydroxide ions and oxygen. Then the metal reacts with the hydroxide ions and oxygen to form metal oxide. Salt quickens this process and the water aids the transfer of electrons by acting as a medium. However, the salt continues to remain even after the water dries up and repeats the process once again when it comes in contact with moisture. If not undercoated, the salt can cause massive structural damage to your vehicle by spreading rust.

Undercoating can also reduce the road noise by yielding sound dampening effects. It can make the inside of your car quieter. Though this might seem insignificant to many, it can bring noticeable difference at noisy commutes. The major drawback of car undercoating is its cost. But there are many affordable products available online for undercoating vehicles.

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