The Most Important Features for Automobile Safety

The Most Important Features for Automobile Safety
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There are many things to consider when looking for automobile safety. Some automobiles come with plenty of safety features. Having all of these features at hand will mean having a durable vehicle that will protect you in times of intense need. They can save a life, and they can also mean not having to contact a car accident attorney in Louisville. Or anywhere else, for that matter. Therefore, having these features in a car will save your life.


Front air bags have been standard on cars and lightweight trucks since the end of the 1990s. Some manufacturers have used them for long before that. They have saved thousands of lives since they were first used, and they have become a far more popular feature in other parts of the automobile, too. They are in passenger and driver doors and even in headrests, too. Some of them are adaptive or dual-stage airbags that detect the presence, weight, and seat position of the driver and front passenger to make the impact as gentle on the body as possible.

Antilock Brakes (ABS)

Before antilock brakes became popular, it used to be all too easy to lock up wheels or spin in place as wet brakes strain to release. There can be some chattering and actuation confusion for drivers that are not used to ABS. They do allow for steering to be controlled while braking so that the car can move around any obstacle.

Traction Control

Traction control is part of an electronically controlled system that limits wheels from spinning to give the drive wheels maximum traction. This feature is a necessary during times that have wet or icy conditions. They pair greatly with a maximum horsepower engine. Most traction systems pair with ABS to route power in the opposite direction of the drive wheel. Some of these control systems can throttle back the engine, too, thus putting the transmission in an upshift.

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Electronic Stability Control

ESC takes traction even a step further. It helps to keep the vehicle on a given path during a turn. It will help to avoid skidding or sliding in the process. Computer links to a set of sensors, which detects steering angle, sideways motion, wheel speed, and rotation to combat these forces as easily and smoothly as possible. ESC is very helpful with larger, top-heavy vehicles like pickups and SUVs. Therefore, these vehicles have a lessened chance of rolling over in an accident.

Seat Belts

This system is probably one of the oldest ones in the automobile safety industry. They have been a requirement for many years by law, and they have proven to save lives. They have systems now that retract the belt to take up slack during a frontal impact, hence positioning the driver or passenger into the correct position to make use of an air bag.


There are so many factors that add to automobile safety in today’s vehicle market. These items are the bare minimum ones that should be obtained in any vehicle.


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