The Unrivalled Moose Fat Bikes

by Clare Louise | January 10, 2018 12:42 pm

Moose Fat bikes are one of the best acquisition you can make as they perform exceptionally well. Our teams of experts at Moose has been building unique, and top of the class bikes and the current additional of Fat bikes is undoubtedly an addition you can’t afford to miss out on as they are best in the market. Our Fat bikes come with remarkable well thought out features that will make riding more secure and comfortable. We invest in the best quality of materials to ensure that our products don’t fail midway.

We have three version of the Fat bikes, version 1.0,2.0 and the 3.0. The Bikes have a remarkable design, are lightweight and robust. We use superior materials in making Fat moose bikes. Our bikes have a TIG aluminum welded frame for strength and easy navigation. The bike model 1.0 and 2.0 has alloys rims which makes it lighter and more comfortable to ride. The version 3 has sun Ringle mulefut rims which make sure that the bike’s weight is minimal and easy to use. The derailer doesn’t freeze, and in case of mud they can shed it off. The brakes a full rotor to increase the braking efficiency. The fork is more rigid to ensure that there are no vibrations in the handlebars.

Our bikes exceptional features and capability are worth every penny you spend. The fat bikes have a super traction of more than four psi and can hold around corners. Our bikes come in three sizes small, medium and large give you the option to choose the one that best suits you. There are several reasons why moose is your ideal choice for Fat bikes;


Our bikes are value for your money. Our prices are the best in the market as we offer more than 23% discount and in addition to that, any pre-order get even more discount. We also provide shipping services which make the price even more appealing.

Innovative Products with Outstanding features                              

Our teams make the Moose Fat Bikes[1] with precision and stability. At moose, we make the Fat bikes have that are capable performers whether in snow or muddy terrain. Our bikes have features that make them the best in the market. The wide tires, lightweight, suspension capabilities make our bikes stand out. Our company has been in the industry, and therefore you can be sure that our moose is built to last.

Our Fat bikes remain the best in the market yet affordable. They are built to tackle any terrain and weather. Since they come in size making it ideal for every member of the family. Our Bikes offer you the best option whether you are a starter or a performer as they come in various models. Therefore if you are looking to own a fat bike moose is your trusted partner. Pre-order our new fleet and get insanely crazy discounts on your order. Visit our website[2] and choose your moose. Once you select, use the accepted payment mode of payment, and the shipping of the bike will follow soon. Enjoy the comfort and security of our bikes as you traverse the world with a machine that will let you look out with no worry.

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