Things to do before giving the car for transportation

Things to do before giving the car for transportation
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Finding a nice car shipping transportation service is not that difficult. Just search on the internet and all the information about the company is there. People had seen that they are getting problems when the car is delivered. The receiver complains that the car that they received is not in a single piece. Also when complaining the about the damage to car shipping Canada service providers then everything backfires. The owner or sender of the car has to keep things clear that they had delivered the car in a good condition.

Here are things which have to be done for making a nice shipment.

1)    Wash the car: Before the car gets inside or on the truck just take it for a wash. More care is provided to clean cars as compared to dirty ones. If washing the car is difficult then take it to a car wash center. The car becomes easy to detect by the inspection person and then they grade on the condition of the car. In case if the car is dirty and any scratch occurs then due to dust the scratch was hiding that will be answered. A car is very prestigious and for proper transportation a nice wash is necessary.

2)    Get a mechanical checkup: Take the car to a mechanic for servicing and get a note that the car is in perfect condition. The present this not to the inspection person, this will help a lot after the car has been delivered. There can be chances that a car does not start after it has been delivered. At that time the note from the mechanic will come handy and extra charges can be taken out from the shipping company.

3)    Remove valuable items: We do many things to decorate our cars like a stereo system with a surround box system. Some decorations of antique items are also placed in it. Remove any item which is movable as there is always a chance of losing them. Disable any GPS device system that is attached to the car. The car shipping Canada Company will be removing the devices if they found them active.

4)    Inspect the truck: Even if the company is saying that can’t show the trucks then don’t take services from them. It is the right of the car owner to check the trucks and ensure the safety measures they are providing.

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