Things to Know About Hybrid Technology in Hyundai Cars

Things to Know About Hybrid Technology in Hyundai Cars
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Built on ISO 14001 certified plants to follow the environmental objectives and policies, Hyundai has launched their own innovative technology, calling it the Blue Drive strategy. It can be described better as a collection of technologies that are focused to improve the fuel economy while reducing CO2 emissions.

According to the Riverside Hyundai dealer this technology from Hyundai does not indicate its vehicles to be merely hybrid, electric, or fuel saving, but also powered by an internal combustion engine that was present till now as a tradition.

Hyundai Hybrid Car Common Features

The hybrid technology from Hyundai is comprised of the common features mentioned below:

Intelligent Stop & Go

The hybrid technology cars in Hyundai also feature an Intelligent Stop & Go (or ISG) feature to shut the engine off automatically whenever it stops in traffic, and then it would automatically when the clutch pressed.

An eco-drive indicator

An eco-drive indicator is included that can inform the driver about when it would be best to shift the gears to save the best amount of fuel. Right now, Hyundai has a Lineup of hybrid cars that includes the Sonata Hybrid, Sonata Plug-In Hybrid and the IONIQ Hybrid. All these three models from Hyundai represent Hyundai hybrid technology.

Hyundai hybrid technology is only a part of Hyundai’s “Blue Drive” strategy, which comprehensively includes alternative options like fuel vehicles and vehicles with a combination of electric motor and internal combustion engine.

How Does Hyundai Hybrid Technology Work?

Hyundai hybrid vehicles feature rich, efficient and affordable. The technology evolves on a HSG hybrid starter generator that kicks a smooth start in the vehicles. Then, the System proceeds with a combination of lithium polymer batteries that are marked with low thermal footprint and a good pick from its line of several gasoline engines that can power the vehicle.

The Hyundai hybrids generally work on EV motor power alone. As and when a vehicle accelerates, the hybrid starter generator starts to push the gas-powered motor into work. The opposite happens when the vehicle slows down or stop. At this point the engine would automatically shut down and would start back again when the driver places his foot on the gas pedal. When brake is applied, the regenerative braking technology starts recharging the battery.

The Hyundai IONIQ

The Hyundai IONIQ is the latest hybrid model from Hyundai, featuring a dual-clutch transmission and gives an EPA-estimated 59/57/58 Highway/City/Combined MPG. As a part of the Drive Mode Select, IONIQ allows the drivers to choose one from the Eco or the Sport options.

Sonata Hybrid and Plug-In Hybrid

The Sonata Hybrid comes with similar features and perks as the IONIQ that are high fuel-efficiency and an appreciable hybrid-electric drive train system. Sonata is a model that is available in plug-in variant too. This version can drive up to 27 miles on electricity itself, whereas the full hybrid mode crosses 590 miles! Other features of Sonata would be a super smart trunk, with classic rear-window sunshades, and a massive interior volume of 119.4 cubic feet. Know more on the hybrid models from Riverside Hyundai dealer.

Winding Thoughts

Hyundai took a huge step of responsibility towards green revolution that other brands would obviously yearn to follow.

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