Tips to becoming a better driver

Tips to becoming a better driver
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If you are new to driving, then you’ll probably be worried about where and how you are driving. There are a few things you can be doing to become a better driver and just by reading this post you are already on your way to becoming a better driver. The fact of the matter is that no matter how good you think you are at something, there is always room for improvement.

Speed limits – For your safety and the safety of the people in or around your car you should always be considering the speed limit of the area you are driving in. and, it is against the law to drive above the speed limit, so you might be risking a fine, points on your license and maybe even jail time.

Drive smoothly – By accelerating and decelerating in a smooth and controlled manner, you can expect to save a lot of money on fuel costs. Experts suggest that driving smoothly as opposed to driving aggressively could see the amount you spend on fuel go down by as much as 30{04c774513060b5d92c0554ac7e8f0408dfca0aa4bf909e630a3bfeae32db7c11}.

Tailgating – Tailgating is the dangerous practice of following too close to the vehicle in front. Not only is it unsafe, you also risk annoying the driver in front, which could lead to road rage. It is important to remember to give the vehicle in front of you enough space for emergency braking because anything can happen.

Lights – With the winter season approaching and the sun going down earlier you must make sure that you are using your headlights. The highway code requires you to use your headlight when visibility is seriously reduced which is generally when you are unable to see more that 100 meters ahead of you.

Pay attention – Pay attention to what is happening around you, not only will this make you a master at identifying speed traps and road-side obstructions just based on taillight patterns alone, it will also give you more time to react in a controlled manner instead of being surprised by something.

Brakes – It is important to remember to avoid slamming your brakes, sudden braking is most often the cause of traffic and congestion. If 1-person slams on their brakes, it causes a chain reaction making other cars also have to slam their brakes to avoid crashing into the car in front. Not only does this make you a bad driver, it also causes havoc on your brakes and your tyre pressure.

Reversing – To become a better driver, you need to master the art of reversing. It takes a lot of time and practice and even some people that have been driving for years still aren’t able to master the art of reversing properly.

Patience – It is important to be patient when driving, look left and look right. Check for people in front of you and behind you.

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