Two Safety Features to Look for Before Purchasing Your Next Motorcycle

Two Safety Features to Look for Before Purchasing Your Next Motorcycle
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Motorcycles keep getting popular with every passing year, and according to statistics, the sale of motorbikes has risen by more than 90{04c774513060b5d92c0554ac7e8f0408dfca0aa4bf909e630a3bfeae32db7c11} since 1991. With such increased interest in bikes, people are also starting to take their safety seriously. It is not only the riders who are buying safer gear, but manufacturers are improving their security technology to provide the best possible riding experience.

This intersection of greater awareness about safety needs and the oncoming of new technology have led to the development of a variety of innovations. While there are many things to look for when choosing a safe motorbike, there are two things that you absolutely cannot ignore.

Two motorcycle safety features that you cannot do without!

  1. Anti-lock braking: Anti-lock Braking System or ABS is definitely the most important safety feature you should look for in a two-wheeler. The ABS prevents the wheels of a running two wheeler from locking out during intense braking situations. Depending on the information from wheel speed sensors, this system unit adjusts the pressure of the brake fluid to maintain traction and avoid fall downs.Image result for Two Safety Features to Look for Before Purchasing Your Next Motorcycle

ABS for motorcycles is the riders in the maintenance of stability while breaking, and to bring down the stopping distance drastically. It even provides traction on low friction surfaces, keeping you safe from a lot of scenarios. The recent development of ABS is the result of intensive research on the specifics of motorcycle weight, size, and functionality.

Many different national and international organizations for motor vehicle safety evaluate motorcycle ABS to be a highly crucial factor to enhance safety and reducing cases of motorcycle accidents. This feature has proved to be so important that the European Commission passed legislation that made it compulsory for motorcycles above 125 CC to have ABS from 1 January, 2016.

  1. Airbags: Even though this bike safety element has not caught up yet around the world, there’s no doubt in the fact that airbags are a lifesaver! This innovation has been credited with the biggest saver of life since the invention of the common seatbelt for cars and is now making their way to motorcycles. According to the latest info, BMW and Dainese are jointly working on an airbag vest and jacket design that would revolutionize two-wheeler safety.

Even though motorcycle gear manufacturers have been slowly introducing airbags in the models used in Moto GP, the technology is yet to spread to standard bikes far and wide. This technology is supposed to provide resistance towards sharp objects that a Rider may come across in the event of a collision including, broken motorcycle parts, fence, polls, or glass shards.

Even though it would be wrong to expect this year to be cheap when it is launched, it is no doubt something you would want to invest your money on. Having the contact details of an motorcycle accident lawyer will also help you a great deal. For more information, click here and read on.

What does the future hold?

It would be interesting to see which direction motorcycle manufacturers take in regards to the safety of their machine as technology and its applications keep on expanding. It wouldn’t be too long till we see the day when safety gear is invented that promises 100{04c774513060b5d92c0554ac7e8f0408dfca0aa4bf909e630a3bfeae32db7c11} life safety.


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