Use Aftermarket Vehicle Components to Increase Fuel Efficiency

Use Aftermarket Vehicle Components to Increase Fuel Efficiency
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In our daily life, one of such anxieties that trouble us constantly is the rising cost of fuel. We are always on the search of effective ways to save a little on fuel expenses. Though you would come across bunch of innovative ideas while scouring internet but in reality only two efficiency equations are out there – maintenance and performance enhancement. A wide range of equipments is nowadays readily available in the market, which are designed to enhance performance. Moreover, they also have some positive impact on the engine’s efficiency. Let’s have a discussion on some of these equipments –

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  • Replacing the factory inbuilt exhaust with an aftermarket performance muffler you can experience comparatively less restriction in the exhaust that means the engine can now exhale a little easier. This surely enhances efficiency and it is bestowed with little more power. Depending on the quality of the muffler and the vehicle in which it is installed the power can be improved typically up to 2-5{04c774513060b5d92c0554ac7e8f0408dfca0aa4bf909e630a3bfeae32db7c11} power. If you can refrain yourself from using that added power to drive faster, you can assuredly see nearly 3{04c774513060b5d92c0554ac7e8f0408dfca0aa4bf909e630a3bfeae32db7c11} improvement in the fuel economy of your vehicle. The design, material and the diameter of the system must be taken into consideration before investing upon it. Two different types of bends are used in manufacturing the auto exhaust system – crush-bend technique and “mandrel bend”. Most of the integrated exhaust systems are manufactured out of mild steel that tend to deteriorate easily. On the other hand, the aftermarket kit comes with stainless steel or aluminized steel; both of these materials ensure longer service life. When you are concerned of the aesthetic appearance, you can consider buying the one that comes with highly polished muffler that instantly give an aggressive, more refined look to the vehicle. The diameter of the pipes must be also taken into account as a larger one can decrease the vehicle’s performance. However, if you have integrated supercharger or turbocharger you must prefer the larger one, over the stock exhaust.
  • Besides this, you can also consider buying aftermarket fuel pump, the fuel pressure; fuel flow must be checked before buying muffler and fuel pumps. You will be relieved to know the fact that, the aftermarket systems work just like the OEM parts of a vehicle. Moreover, if these aftermarket components are used for direct replacement, you can still enjoy the vehicle warranty.

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While buying aftermarket parts you can have a look on the e-Commerce portals for obtaining them at best possible price, besides the user reviews will be also there to help you understand the quality of the product.

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