What are the basics of auto repair?

by Marcie Kenney | October 1, 2017 6:01 am

One of the best ways for avoiding auto repair rips off is to be prepared. It is a good beginning to know how your vehicle works and how should you identify common car problems. The other most important thing is to choose a good mechanic. This kind of information may help you a lid on mechanical mistakes.

For choosing a repair shop, you can ask your friends, family and other people you trust and know them well. Get a look for a repair shop before you need on to avoid being rushed in to a last minute decision. You can also shop around through phone and online so as to get the best deal and compare warranty policies on repairs. You can also get the information from the state attorney general’s office or local consumer protection agency as they may know whether there is a record of complaints about a particular repair shop. You also have to make sure that the shop you have chosen honor the vehicle’s warranty you have.

You should find a shop that displays various certifications like an Automotive Service Excellence seal. It indicates that some or the entire technician meets basic standards of knowledge and competence in specific technical areas. You have to make sure that the certifications are latest, but remember that the certification has no guarantee of best work and honest work. You need to ask if the technician or shop is experienced working on the same make or model vehicle as yours. Do they download workshop manuals for all car makes and models[1]?

Before you get any work performed, you must ask about the charges of the work shop. How and what they charge. Some shops charge a flat rate for labor on auto repairs. The rate is based on an independent or manufacturer’s estimate of the time required to complete repairs. Others may charge on the basis of the actual time taken on the repair.


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