Why Distractions While Driving Will Never be a Good Idea

Why Distractions While Driving Will Never be a Good Idea
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When you’re at the car dealership, purchasing an exciting new car, the last thing on your mind is the possibility that your vehicle will end up your coffin. But that’s exactly what happens all too often when drivers get distracted while on the road.

The recent rise in social media and technology has left us connected 24/7, while it can be tempting to constantly check out phones for updates on our social lives, it also comes with it’s own specific complications.

Driving requires intense concentration and the ability to react quickly in high pressure situations. Texting while driving can be very distracting for drivers that engage in this activity. While tempting, especially when bored, using a phone while driving can have devastating results for motorist.

It’s an issue affecting road users worldwide, everyone agrees that it’s not a good for anyone driving – yet we still do it. The cost of driving distractedly is not something any of us can afford. In many situations it has left many innocent people seriously injured, or dead.

Distractions while driving are not anything new, previously other passengers, the radio or eating may have had similar negative effects on motorists. But with the drastic shift in how we socialise our connectivity with our phones has given rise to an decreasing level of focus on the roads.

Nobody should ever risk their lives to check who has liked their new profile picture or buzzfeed link. Driving encompasses a lot of responsibility, for your safety, your passengers and others on the road. In order for people to feel safe on the road they need to trust that other drivers know what they’re doing. Using a mobile phone while driving reduces reaction time, encourages mistakes and generally increases the chances of failing to stop.

Protect yourself while driving and don’t use your phone during this process. While you may think you’re still in control, accidents happen to anyone. You don’t want to become just another statistic.


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