3 Ways to Be Your Own Boss in the Automotive Industry

3 Ways to Be Your Own Boss in the Automotive Industry

When you’ve had enough of punching a time clock, it might be a good time to research going into business for yourself. Being your own boss has its advantages. In your time as an automotive specialist, you’ve likely built up a good rapport with clients. Having that positive reputation helps start your new business off on the right foot.

Mobile Detailing Service

If you love making cars look showroom new again, a mobile detailing service may be the right business opportunity for you. For many car owners, having the time to go to the carwash or local detailer may be difficult. If the service can come to them, they may be more likely to use it.

Research the local competition first. Base your pricing off of the competition but offer something unique as well. When you’re introducing your new service to the community, consider offering a promotion or discount. This will help the local community get to know you and your abilities.

Auto-Repair Shop

Not everyone wants to go to a dealership to get their repairs done. If a vehicle is out of warranty, the cost may be too much for the customer. An independent auto repair shop where you can set the price, and keep it affordable, may give you a leg up on expensive dealerships.

The auto repair shop can be dialed into a specific niche or a general auto repair shop where no vehicle is turned away. If you choose to open a specialized or niche auto repair shop, advertising your pricing is ideal. Consumers often associate specialized services with higher price tags. Show them that your service is still affordable.

Automotive Specialty Service

When you do wish to go into a specialized automotive service area, consider your options. Something like an oil change franchise may be ideal. You’ll be able to offer more specials and deals than if you opened an independent service. This may be attractive to local consumers as the franchise name is already a trusted one in the industry.

Choose the location wisely. A location where no other service like yours exists is ideal. Taking your franchise where the service is needed may help your location be successful. Consider surveying the local consumer base first.

Closing Thoughts

Customer service, reputation, and quality of service are three things that can make or break a business. When you own and operate a small business, it is important that your customers always feel like they are the only one and that their car is the most important. Take the time necessary to ensure that every customer has an experience that makes them feel like a person and not just another customer.

Mia Frazier