7 Things Movers Want You To Know

7 Things Movers Want You To Know

No matter what your profession might be, there is a high chance that your work involves interacting with other people on a regular basis’ from customers to colleagues or even providers., and there are a couple of things that you probably wish other people would know, right?

Well, if you decided to hire movers to help you move to a new location, here are a couple of things your movers want you to know. If you still have not decided on the right provider to help you out, you can check out Go With The Gecko, or choose a moving company that has a great reputation.

Talk to the movers about different vehicle options!

1. Don’t get too involved

There is one thing that you need to keep in mind when hiring movers; there is no need to get too involved, just let them do their job. You might think that you know everything about the way your furniture and items should be handled, but the movers are experts in this. They will make sure that your furniture arrives in one piece, without any scratches.

2. Don’t wait for the last day

If your movers are scheduled to arrive 1-2 weeks from now, then it is already time to start packing. It is not good to leave anything for the last day of packing, because the movers did not come to help you pack, they came to help you move what you have already packed.

3. Carry your personal things with you

While, you can pack most of your private things in a special box, carry the important aspects with you. For example, jewelry, cash, prescription medications and all of that should be carried with you. This way, if something gets lost, you cannot really blame the people who do an honest job, which is usually how this goes.

4. Label the boxes

It is always the best option to label all the boxes as you are packing, and make sure to label the ones that have fragile items or should be handled with special care. This will make the job easier for both you when you are supposed to unpack, as well as for your movers.

Labeling all of your boxes makes everything so much easier!

5. Have a parking spot

The chances are that your movers will have multiple vehicles for you, and if you decided to go with a big truck, you need to make sure that the movers have a spot to park their vehicle. You can check out interstate hire from Go With The Gecko, or other providers and see all of the other vehicles they offer because in some cases they have an empty spot for at least 1 passenger.

6. Don’t pack heavy items in large boxes

While this might make sense to you, you should not pack anything too heavy in a huge box. This will make it very difficult for the movers to actually take to the truck. You might want to talk to the movers about that particular item instead.

7. Empty the containers

This should be obvious, but if you are moving all of your furniture, you should start by emptying the shelves, drawers, desks and so on. This will make it much easier for the movers to actually move the items.

Final word

One of the important things you should remember is that if you have the option, you should consider tipping the movers. Of course, this all depends on the people who will come to help you out and their attitude towards you, your items and their job.

Mia Frazier