Electric Bicycle Maintenance, Part DIY and Part Pro

Electric Bicycle Maintenance, Part DIY and Part Pro

Electric bicycle upkeep is a partial do-it-yourself (DIY) job, while the other part should be delegated to a mechanical professional. Chain tension adjustments and brake adjustments may easily be handled by the owners, as these maintenance tasks are like those for ordinary bicycles. On the battery and motor upkeep side of this equation, an expert is best.

Electric bicycles, in the beginning, should probably be purchased locally, if possible, to be assured that the two-wheeled transportation unit will be properly assembled, following exact torque ratings for screws and other hardware, and will be made to fit the rider. After the initial assembly, and after miles and miles of traversed terrain, it will be time for a tune-up to keep everything running smoothly.

Electric Bicycle Upkeep for Do It Yourself

Electric bicycles that are the best fit for owner tune-ups and maintenance are the ones without pedal assist through torque sensing, readout displays in LCD, and cables which are frame routed. These e-bikes rest upon the lower end of the price spectrum, and can sometimes be disposed of, in order to purchase a new inexpensive model.

Electric bicycles should be serviced after the first 100 miles due to cable stretch and a break-in. After that, it depends on usage – how much a rider rides the e-bike. The upkeep tasks an owner may be easily able to perform include:

  • Cleaning the chain – The easiest method is to purchase a chain cleaner/degreaser and follow the product’s directions.
  • Chain tension adjustments – A loose chain means skipped gears. After placing the e-bike on a repair stand, turn the barrel adjuster and test by turning the pedal and shifting. Make sure the chain does not skip two cogs. If it does, adjust accordingly.
  • Brake adjustments – If your brake lever reaches the handlebars when pressed, turn the brake adjuster on the brake caliper until you reach the right amount of tension.
  • Inflating the tire(s) – Tire pressure is highly customizable, depending upon the weight of the rider, type of terrain, weather, tire volume and the width of the rim. The best thing to do is to get a small pressure gauge which is portable and play around with tire pressure until it feels right.

Electric Bicycle Upkeep for Professional Mechanics

Electric bicycles with technologically advanced computer systems, batteries and throttles are best left to the experts for servicing during tune-ups. These professionals have special diagnostic tools to diagnose, tune-up and fix certain maintenance items competently. On some models, the computers are even locked, and a professional must be the one to perform the servicing. Generally speaking, advanced knowledge and specific tools are needed to tune-up and service electric bicycles well.

Electric bicycles, according to various bike shops which sell both traditional and electric bikes, endure approximately 10 times the use of their non-motorized companions. This means that bicyclists ride their electric bikes more. Thus, more tune-ups are needed.

Mia Frazier