Every Thing You Need To Know About Car Tires

Every Thing You Need To Know About Car Tires

A car without tires is like a building without its foundations. Imagine a building floating in the air without the ground floor? Sounds weird, right? Or better I could say is, it’s illogical. Just like a beautiful building hook up with the ground by its foundations, the same as the tires connect your car to the ground to run it smoothly on the road. It is one of the essential parts of the vehicle. Although the engine is an important part of the car, without tires, your engine can’t run your car on the road. A car’s engine and tires are both dependent on each other for moving on the road.

Excellent quality and well-maintained car tires can last up to 50,000 miles. But it is recommended to change your car tires sooner than that because some weather conditions can damage the tires.

When to buy a new tire

If you want to know when you need to purchase a new tire, then look at the tread.  If it is worn down to less than 2/32 of an inch, then it is time to get a new one. Where to buy a new tire is a bit challenging task for you because you cannot compromise on the quality. There are many car tires online stores like piecesauto24.com  and others.  See their catalog and choose the best one for your car. Once you purchase your perfect set of tires and have been mounted them by a professional technician, be careful with their maintenance.

Different types of car tires

Like many other things in the world, different things come in various styles and kinds. Similarly, car tires also have various kinds.

Summer or performance tires

The formula one (F1) slick tires belong to this class. The most promising feature of these tires is their speed and grip. They are composed of soft rubber component and have minimal to none tread block patterns.

All season tires

Every modern car is equipped with the set of these tires. They provide you with the right balance of wet weather safety, performance, grip, acceptable noise, and durability. On wet roads or heavy downpours, they work pretty well.

Damp  weather tires

These tires are closer in composition to summer tires, but they are softer. Wet weather tires are more efficient to help channel water away from tire’s contact patch.

Winter tires

There are two kinds of winter tires depending on the environmental conditions of your locality. If you drive in snow and mud, then M&S tires are helpful, and if you drive mostly on snow and icy roads, then winter tires with snowflake symbol will be the best option for you.

All-terrain tires

They have larger tread block patterns and very stiff sidewalls which help them to roll over on rocks and other obstacles.

Mud tires

These tires are the sub-type of all-terrain tires. The tread block patterns of these tires are massive and chunky.

Mia Frazier