Five Reasons to Choose a VW as Your Next Car

Five Reasons to Choose a VW as Your Next Car

Following the 2015 emissions scandal, otherwise known as the “diesel dupe”, Volkswagen hasn’t exactly been the world’s most sought after car manufacturer. In fact, in the months following the scandal, which broke in September of 2015, VW’s profits fell over a staggering 20%. Despite all of the negativity and bad press surrounding Volkswagen cars, there are actually lots of different reasons why they are still great to own.

Classic Models

Few car manufacturers are lucky enough to release a model which becomes one of the most iconic cars of its generation. Even fewer are lucky enough to have multiple cars like this, however, Volkswagen is definitely one of the very few. Easily one of the most recognizable vehicles in the world is the VW camper van. The original model rolled off the production line more than 65 years ago and people are still going crazy for them.

A great sign of a truly iconic and successful model is their ability to both keep hold of the essence of the original while evolving. The camper is a great example. While they still look much the same as they always have, they are being revived with electric motors.

But it’s not just the camper van which is a classic vehicle. VW is also known for creating arguably the best hatchback of all time, the Golf GTI, which made it into this list of 50 iconic vehicles. There is also the unmistakable Beetle, which has gone through several facelifts in its 68-year history and remains a popular car all over the world.

High Standards of Safety

Performance, image, and cost aside, we all want to be able to feel safe in the vehicle which we own. Thankfully, VW consistently has some of the safest cars released on the road in accordance with their Euro NCAP ratings.

Prices are Down

Even though it has been over twelve months since the Volkswagen scandal broke, the damage to the company is still being patched up. However, one of the positives of the scandal is that VW cars have substantially come down in price, making it cheaper than ever to buy some of their top models. To read more on how the price of Volkswagens has fallen since the diesel scandal, take a look at this piece from time.

Forward Thinking

In the current climate, it is very important that car manufacturers begin to show that they are concentrating their efforts to develop cars which run on more sustainable energy than petrol or diesel. VW is no exception and currently, have a great range of electric and hybrid vehicles for those of you who are keen on investing in future technologies.

There’s the e-up! which is their award-winning city car, the e-Golf which is an entirely electric powered version of their excellent hatchback, the Golf GTE which is a hybrid and also the Passat GTE. Regardless of your travel or seating needs, there is an electric hybrid worth considering.


While the emissions scandal may have dented the reputation of VW, it hasn’t changed the quality and reliability of their cars to perform over long periods of time. We spoke to genuine parts manufacturer VW Motor Parts for more on the quality of their vehicles. They said: “Volkswagen is one of the most successful car manufacturers ever to have hit our roads. This is a testament to the quality of the VW engineers and production line.”

“Regardless of the type of car you are in the market for, there is a VW which can suit your needs and you can be sure it’ll run for years.” The standard of VW cars is backed up in this piece from Auto Express which discusses the quality of 2016 used cars. This post features both the Golf MKVII and the Passat MKVI.

Mia Frazier