Hiring the Right Tow Truck Service After a Breakdown or Accident in Surrey

Hiring the Right Tow Truck Service After a Breakdown or Accident in Surrey

In your time of need stuck by the roadside, a reliable Surrey towing service can be of great help. Knowing that your car is in excellent hands allows you to calm down and analyze the situation. Before picking up your phone and dialing up a towing in Surrey service, there are a couple of things you need to check to make sure that you’re hiring the right towing service.


First, you should check on the reputation of the service. There are numerous methods you can use for this including checking on company websites and customer review websites. While reputation is easy to verify, it shouldn’t be taken lightly. Even for a company that checks out on every other factor, if the reputation is weak, it is best to stay away from it.

Don’t trust any towing service that shows up

In case of an emergency, you may not have a choice on the Surrey towing truck that shows up to tow your car. However, if it’s a roadside breakdown, you need to be very careful with any truck that just shows up, especially when that truck is unmarked and came unannounced.

Take a picture of your car

Once you settle on the right towing in Surrey service, while you wait for the tow truck to arrive, take a photo of your car. Better yet, you can take an all-around video. In case of any damages, you can use this as proof to show the original condition of the car before the damage.
Be cautious when signing the paperwork

The signing of the paperwork is an important occasion. When signing, you need to make sure that the contract does not allow for the addition of costs without your knowledge. Also, before signing the job paperwork, you have to read all the details before appending your signature.
Always get a receipt.

Once the job has been done, you need to get a copy of the invoice and the receipt. You also need to make sure that all charges that you have paid for are those that you have authorized. You may end up paying for additional charges that don’t apply in your case. It is always a good idea to stay vigilant.

The tow might be covered by insurance

There are certain instances where the insurance company covers the tow. If the need for a Surrey towing service is as a result of a breakdown or an accident, there are insurance companies that will cover the costs. Some insurance companies even have their preferred towing in Surrey providers, in which case you might want to trouble yourself with finding out who they are. By going through the trouble, you make sure that you’re within the confines of your coverage and don’t have to pay for the extra costs.

While towing services can be a knight in shining armor in your time of need, without proper consideration, it can end up being a nightmare. To safeguard yourself from any such occurrences, you have to take precautionary steps, and each of these factors should be in that checklist to guarantee you peace of mind and the safety of your car.

Mia Frazier