KTM RC 390 Offers Top Notch Specifications with Chic Sporty Look

KTM RC 390 Offers Top Notch Specifications with Chic Sporty Look

Most of the bike lovers cherish to have a good looking bike or motorcycle that is poised with modernized features. Not only that, comfort and mileage are also considered as the biggest factors. Launch of KTM RC 390 has created a buzz among the automobile experts and bike lovers these days. With its first look in the United States, it has been viewed as quite different or unique by the bike enthusiasts. It comes with unusual styling and odd engine displacements. The overall appearance of this automobile has clinched appreciation of the sports bike lovers. On the other hand, conventional bike lovers have also expressed their satisfaction towards ktm rc 390 top speed.

The earlier launch of KTM 390 Duke had 373 CC single cylinder engine. The newly launched KTM RC 390 will retain that engine design as well as specifications of its predecessor. However, the chassis of the newly launched bike is completely different from the older one. The brand new KTM RC 390 looks like a sport bike, featuring stunning as well as attention-grabbing design. Bike enthusiasts or lovers will definitely drool on this newly launched vehicle for its seamless as well as striking appearance. The KTM rc390 specs include a lot of things, and those things will be discussed in the following section.

The bike comes with a steeper head angle of 66.5 degrees, and in terms of weight RC 390 is heavier than Duke 390. The weight of the RC model is around 322 pounds. A little extra weight is hoped to provide greater stability to the riders while driving.  Brakes are standard, while the front suspension travel part is a little shorter. Being a bike with a sporty look, this incorporates pillion seat in order to provide greater comfort to the riders. The front wheel is connected with 300 MM brake disc which will be squeezed by a four-piston mounted caliper.

KTM RC 390 mileage is quite impressive and better in comparison to the Duke 390 by KTM. The bike offers a mileage of 25 KM in busy streets, while you can anticipate better mileage if you are driving on the highways. High speed is expected from sports bikes, and this product would not disappoint you on that aspect. It comes with 168 KM/hour top speed. With a warranty of 2 years, the bike is perfectly poised to lure the buyers from the Indian market. This bike is a cool competitor of other sporty bikes, like Honda CBR250R and Kawasaki Ninja 300.

Mia Frazier