Mercedes CLS53 review

Mercedes CLS53 review

It’s only a matter of time until every car being sold features some sort of battery assist or is solely driven by battery power. A large number of cars already incorporate this technology, especially in their performance branch, this time, it’s Mercedes’ turn. Their AMG division is working hard on a fully electric hypercar concept inspired by F1, but while that’s still in production they’ve given us the 53 variant of their current line-up.

As it stands, Mercedes produce their performance cars in 45 and 63 guises, this is in relation to their engine size. A special 65 is also available for their most prestigious cars, boasting a V12 engine. The 53 then, will slot in between the inline-4 turbo 45 and the 5.5L V8 63. It will feature an inline 6 producing 429BHP. The electric motor is designed to jump in and eliminate turbo lag at low revs. The electric assistance adds around 20BHP to the overall output but more noticeable is the 250 Nm of torque!  The engine will be placed in the CLS and the E-Class models.

The CLS has received a stylish upgrade across its model, the interior now features a dual screen setup and Linguatronic, Mercedes’ new voice control system to command the tech-filled German automobile. As always, the AMG model can be specified with red seatbelts, sports seats and now an all-new AMG steering wheel. Buyers will also be presented with an option first seen in the most recent S-Class, ‘energizing comfort control’ works with the climate control, lighting, and fragrance system and more, all for the sake of your mental wellness; We’re sure this will be used in stressful city traffic!

When the original Mercedes CLS hit the UK showrooms in 2005, it was an instant hit. The mix of four-door versatility, sleek coupe styling, and a luxurious cabin marked the CLS as a trendsetter. The next generation added sharper driving dynamics and efficient new engines to appeal to a wider range of buyers. Despite all versions being very well equipped it’d be near on impossible to avoid the options list; they’re certainly not on the cheap side though!

David from Finance My Motor Car said that ‘Mercedes is always at the forefront of automotive technology, if you look at new features emerging on the likes of a Ford or Land Rover, Mercedes probably had it four years ago!’

Mia Frazier