Must-have safety features in your car – Beware before you buy a car

Must-have safety features in your car – Beware before you buy a car

Everyone seems to feel that autonomous cars are some new thing that is way ahead in the near future but little do they know that there are a lot of safety systems which you can get now and which form the key to autonomous driving. These days, the new cars are all blessed with different systems which brake on your behalf, steer on your behalf and change your speed and everything depending on what the radar and cameras prompt them to do.

The reason behind giving so many safety features to cars is that they not only safeguard you during an accident but they can also prevent an accident from happening altogether. Though that doesn’t mean that once you have such features, there will be no more accidents but this will definitely reduce the chances. Here are a few must-have safety features for your car.

Adaptive cruise control

This is a neat and useful concept. When you’re out on a long highway drive, you can maintain a definite speed while you can allow yourself to shift the position of your body safely. However, this is also potentially dangerous. What could happen if the car in front of you suddenly slows down or if they completely stop? As highways are usually straight, the cars slow down in wet weather, around curves and due to traffic. Adaptive cruise control is an even smarter version of cruise control which alters the speed of your car to match against the car which is moving in front of you.

Backup cameras

By allowing the driver to see what is going on behind the vehicle, this can help him avoid all those bigger and tragic accidents. Reports suggest that around 298 deaths are causes every year and 19,000 injuries, as per the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. This is why the new cars should have backup cameras after automakers spoke about their possible expense.

Active roller protection

What would happen if your car is skidding out of control and it is going to roll over the highway? This is definitely something which we don’t want. This is why the role of ARP or Active Rollover Protection comes in. If this is installed inside your car, your car can detect when it might roll over and thereby apply the necessary brakes which can stop such a tragic rollover. Any system which prevents all sorts of accidents should definitely be high on your list.

Emergency brake assist

Human beings often turn out to be not so good at braking. Novices are extremely slow and the vibrations of the anti-lock system even can’t be handled at times. If there is an emergency brake, this can help drivers apply maximum braking power during an urgent situation and this can diminish the damage done to another vehicle.

Therefore, before you buy a car, make sure you compare car insurances rates from different car comparison websites like and then choose the best make and model. At the same time make sure most of the anti-accident devices are installed in your car.

Mia Frazier