Tackling Utah in Your Rental Cars

Tackling Utah in Your Rental Cars

You just flew into Salt Lake City and arranged to pick up your car rental  (All Wheel Drive, of course). Adventure awaits just outside the city limits and is calling for you to wander. Salt Lake City is one of the fastest growing cities in America and it’s no wonder. The city itself is home to some of the greatest attractions the country has to offer but venture little ways from Salt Lake and you’ll find an incredible array of activities.

Timpanogos Cave National Monument

A short 45-minute drive to the southeast puts you in Timpanogos Cave National Monument. Off the beaten path, you begin your hike to the cave mouth with a hike ascending 1,000 feet. Once you’ve arrived, however, the majesty of the caves are breathtaking. Three caverns are available for viewing, each with their own special qualities. This is a great first stop on your All Wheel Drive tour of Utah.

Antelope Island State Park

Antelope Island is the largest island, of the 10 total islands, that sit inside the Great Salt Lake. At 42 square miles, the island is home to flora and fauna that can be found only in this area. Bison, bighorn sheep, and even the aforementioned antelope can all be seen as you hike, bike, or ride on horseback around the island. Getting to the island is half the fun. So, hop into your vehicle and visit.

Fifth Water Hot Springs

Hot springs are always an exciting stop to any trip. Just an hour outside of Salt Lake, Fifth Water Hot Springs has been delighting guests with its scenery for millennia. Waterfalls abound as you hike the trail to the hot springs. Once at the hot springs, soak the aching bones from your hike in the blue waters. You’ll feel refreshed in no time.

Bingham Canyon Copper Mine

Production first began in 1906 at Bingham Canyon Copper Mine. This great pit now stretches over a ¾ of a mile deep and 2.5 miles wide–making it the largest man-made excavation site in the world. It can even be seen from space! It’s no wonder it’s now recognized as a National Historic Landmark. Over its time, nearly 16 million tons of copper have been retrieved and about 400 ounces of gold bars made daily. Now that’s one rich hole!

Snowbird Resort

Big mountains bring big resorts and Snowbird is huge! Located in the Wasatch Range, it sits among some serious terrain. These severe chutes and cliff lines give even experts a challenge, but there’s plenty for the novice to enjoy too. Snowbird offers significant amounts of groomed terrain that is less steep for those who are casual skiers or learning. If you visit in the summer, ditch the skis and try some incredible biking and hiking. When you build up a hunger, you’ll find tons of restaurants ready to serve almost any craving.

Utah has a ton to offer visitors who visit the Beehive State. Grabbing an All Wheel Drive vehicle as your rental, when you arrive, allows you to see much more of Salt Lake City. You can take a short drive and be in the solitude of nature. Visit mines, ski down the slopes, swim in hot springs or even spelunk into caves. There’s something for everyone in Utah.

Mia Frazier