What is a REVS check? And the importance of REVS check

What is a REVS check? And the importance of REVS check

The Register of Recorded Vehicles (REVS) has been added to the Australian Personal Security Register (PPSR), an Australian online government registry where you can search for and record security interests. The PPSR certificate will indicate whether a financial privilege is recorded or not with respect to the vehicle or ship. If a pledge is registered, the certificate will indicate:

What is a REVS retrospective certificate?

A REVS check is a document issued pursuant to Article 8 (5) of the Property Registration Act of 1986 which shows the registration of a particular motor vehicle for a predetermined period before the date on which the retrospective certificate is issued.

Fair Trading will provide retrospective reports/transaction certificates for seven years from the beginning of PPS on January 30, 2012. However, claims may only be made in relation to information/transactions that have taken place within seven years of launch. of the PPS.

Obtain an automatic history check

  • A full car history check identifies information about a used car, though:
  • have any money left or if it is rented
  • looks like stolen
  • was canceled or repaired earlier after an accident by an insurer
  • tachometer discrepancy ratio.
  • If you are buying a car used by a reseller, you are required to provide a clear property that provides financial protection in case of property dispute or financial interest.
  • You must obtain the certificate on the day of purchase of the vehicle but before the transaction is completed.

Keep your certificate in a safe place, as it is proof that the vehicle was bulky at the time of purchase

Control of Veda’s car history

If you purchase privately, we recommend getting an automatic history check. We can organize one in your name calling us on 13 of 1905.

You will need to provide the vehicle registration number or ID number (VIN) or chassis number and reading of the odometer.

It is important to provide REVS check with the correct vehicle details, as any errors in the numbers will render the search unsuitable and the certificate will not offer protection.

  • Free, if you get an inspection of the RACQ Masterclock vehicle
  • Membership fee: $ 30.00
  • Quota for non-members: $ 37.00
  • What if the control reveals a problem?

If the search for a check identifies a problem, do not continue with the sale.

If the vehicle is leased or has a debt, the financial institution involved may take steps to seize the vehicle. It would be risky to take the word of the seller who will use the sale money to eliminate the financial interests, so we strongly advise you to seek legal advice on the best course of action to protect your purchase.

Mia Frazier