Why New Vehicles Appeal to the Elderly Population

Why New Vehicles Appeal to the Elderly Population

There is often a stereotypical image of what new car buyers look like. They may be young or middle-aged and want something that looks nice and is dependable. Not all new car buyers are young, though. Senior citizens have been quietly buying new cars for years. Here are some of the reasons why the elderly find new cars so appealing.

Less Chance of a Lemon

Some senior citizens are wary about buying a used car because they fear it could wind up being a lemon. Seniors are often on fixed budgets or have limited resources so that could cost them more in the long run. They don’t want to have to worry about something going drastically wrong after their purchase. That’s why so many seniors, buying a new car just makes more sense.

Convenient Features

Anything that can be done more easily is a great benefit especially to the elderly. Some of the features that they love include being able to start their car from inside their home. This is perfect for those hot or cold days when it isn’t good for the elderly to be out for long periods of time. Other benefits include heated seats, parking sensors, and backup cameras.

Extra Safety

Senior citizens can benefit from more airbags than older models have. They can also choose from all-wheel-drive options to give them increased safety on the roadways. As people age, driving can become more intimidating. The elderly greatly benefit from a dependable new vehicle. There is no longer as great of fear for them of being stranded somewhere. They also are happy to know that their vehicle is less likely to malfunction while driving it.

Helpful Warranty

The last place you find most senior citizens are lying under a vehicle repairing something. It’s not necessarily that they don’t have the know-how. It’s just that they have the desire and need for a more convenient life. A warranty is a big help for them when repairs come up. There aren’t any surprises they have to worry about. They can simply go to their local auto repair shop and get things replaced.

The Elderly are Living Longer

With the increase in healthcare technology, the elderly are living a higher quality of life later in their lives than ever before. Senior citizens very well could be looking at decades of driving yet. They need and want something that is going to last them a long time and give the results they’re looking for. This is just one more reason why seniors buying a new car just makes more sense than ever before.

Older People Still Love New Things!

It’s not just younger people who love new things. The elderly and senior populations are still kids at heart. They love getting to try out new technology and gadgets just like everyone else. They still appreciate the look and feel of a new vehicle and that new car smell. Who can blame them?

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Are you searching for a new or used vehicle? Car dealerships Indianapolis can help you find the perfect vehicle for you and your family. Regardless of the color, manufacturer and style that you desire, you’re sure to be pleased with the selection available. And if you are a senior citizen, don’t let that deter you. You’re not the only senior out there with a new-car itch!

Mia Frazier